21. oktober 2007

Endelig er Leopard her

Endelig er Leopard her - Apple sitt nye operativsystem! Her er noen av nyhetene som jeg vet at jeg kommer til å sette pris på. Her er et utdrag fra Apples: 300 new features (har ikke oversatt)

Cover Flow
Flip through your files in the Finder just like you flip through your album art in iTunes. Cover Flow displays the first page of every document. You can also click through multipage documents and play movies.

Organize files in a neat stack on the Dock. One click and the stack springs open, revealing items in an elegant arc or an at-a-glance grid. Find your downloads quickly in one dedicated stack. Downloads from Safari, iChat, and Mail are automatically saved to the Downloads stack. Say goodbye to desktop clutter.

Quick Look
Look inside any document without launching an application. Use Quick Look with documents, images, songs, and movies and get a large-size preview of the file.

Back Up Everything
Automatic backup, built right into your Mac. Never worry about losing a file again. See what your computer looked like in the past.

Quick Look Before Restoring
Quickly preview your files before you restore them to make sure those documents are really the ones you want.

Preserve Access Privileges
Back up the entire system and all users at once, while maintaining the access privileges associated with your files.

Organize your activities into separate spaces and easily switch from one to another. Make a space for work or play. View all of your spaces onscreen at the same time. With a drag and drop you can move an application window from one space to another or reorder your space.

To-Dos in Mail
Create to-do items directly from email messages or notes in Mail. Simply highlight text in an email, then click the To Do button to create a to-do from a message.

Subscribe to an RSS feed in Mail and you’ll know the moment an article or blog post hits the wire. Even better, you can choose to have new articles appear in your inbox. Add news feeds to Mail directly from Safari. If you’ve already read an article in Safari, it will show up as read in Mail.

Inline Editing in iCal
Effortlessly add attendees or change an event's time directly on the event itself. The new Inline Inspector window appears when you double-click any event, making it faster and easier to change details on the fly.

Auto Pick in iCal
Find the earliest time that everyone is available for your meeting — with a single click.

Office Hours in iCal
Specify your working hours for a given week so that others know when you're available for meetings.

Wikipedia in Dictionary
Wikipedia is built right into Dictionary. You get a great Mac OS X user interface with super-fast searching and beautifully laid out-results.

Apple Dictionary
Get to know your Mac even better. A dictionary of Apple terms is built into Dictionary.

Improved PDF Annotations
Take advantage of new PDF annotations in Preview. Add Stickies-style notes and links to websites or other pages within the PDF. Mark important areas in ovals or rectangles and highlight text. All annotations are saved with the PDF so you can share them with others.

Instant Alpha Background Removal
Easily remove the background from an image, leaving just the subject, using Previe.

PDF Manipulation in Preview
Re-create your PDF as you like. Move individual pages around, or remove pages altogether. You can even combine PDFs with a simple drag and drop.

GPS Metadata Support
Get real information from your photos. If your image has embedded GPS metadata, Preview will show you exactly where that perfect photo was taken. Open the Image inspector and select GPS. Preview pinpoints the location where you took the photo on a world map. From there you can even open the GPS location in Google Maps.

Spring-Loaded Dock
Items in the Dock are spring-loaded. Just drag a file, hover over any application in the Dock, and press the Space bar — the application opens instantly. For example, to add a picture to your iPhoto library, just drag the image file and hover over the iPhoto icon in the Dock. Press the Space bar, and once iPhoto opens, you can drag the image into your iPhoto library. If you drag a file and hover over a stack, pressing the Space bar opens a Finder window showing the contents of the stack.

Instant Screen Sharing from the Finder
Start an interactive screen sharing session with other Macs on your network. Just select the Mac from your sidebar and (if authorized) you can see and control the Mac as if you were right in front of it. Change a system preference, publish an iPhoto library, or add a new playlist to iTunes.

Path Bar
Choose Show Path Bar from the View menu and the path is visible at the bottom of the Finder window. You can also drag files to any location in the Path Bar.

New Folder of Options
Take control your view options. Adjust the grid spacing to move icons closer together or further apart for the currently viewed folder, or with one click make this view the default for all your folders.

Screen Sharing
Collaborate with a buddy via iChat. Work on a Keynote presentation together, surf the web as a team, or help each other with an iMovie project. iChat initiates the connection (asking permission first) with an audio chat so you can talk things through as you work or play. Trade views of each other’s desktops. Even drag files from one computer to the other. Show nearly any file on your system through an iChat video conference. Put on an entire photo slideshow, click through a Keynote presentation, play a movie, and more — in full screen, accompanied by a video feed of you hostin.

Backdrop effects
Drag an Apple-designed backdrop or your own photo or video into the video preview window to create an effect that will fool your buddies into thinking you’re chatting from your living room, the beach, or the moon.

Video Recording
Use Photo Booth to make movie clips. Capture those precious moments and send them to your friends in an email message.

Printable Font Book
Print out comprehensive previews of your fonts, including sample text in varying sizes or all available glyphs.

Enhanced Find
Instantly and graphically locate any text on the current web page. Safari highlights every instance of the word you’re searching for and even dims the rest of the page so you can focus on the results of your find.

Advanced Searches
Use a richer search vocabulary. The Spotlight search field now supports Boolean logic with AND/NOT/OR and parenthesis syntax. Search category labels such as “author” or “width.” Use ranges in your search including “greater than” and “less than.” Spotlight also understands quoted phrases and dates.

Calculations in Spotlight
Find answers fast. Just activate Spotlight and type in a simple or sophisticated equation, and Spotlight will instantly show you the result. Enjoy support for over 40 functions ranging from simple math to logarithms to trigonometry.

Spotlight Application Launching
Launch applications quicker. The Spotlight default item is now the Top Hit, so if you search for an application, all you have to do is press Return to launch it.

iLife Media Browser in Open Panel
Access iLife content from any Mac OS X application. Now the iLife Media Browser is integrated into the Open panel.

OpenDocument and Word 2007 Formats
Take advantage of TextEdit support for the Word 2007 and OpenDocument formats for reading and writing.

Guest Log-In Accounts
Allow anyone to surf the web and check email as a guest on your Mac. When they log out of the guest account, Mac OS X purges the account, removing any trace of their activity. So each time someone logs in as a guest, he or she gets a fresh, unused account.

Scroll Non-Active Windows
Scroll any open window, even if it’s not active. Simply position your mouse over the target window and scroll.

Clock Overlay on any Screen Saver
Keep track of the time on any screen saver by overlaying a digital clock.

Alex - A New Voice
Give yourself a new voice. Meet Alex — a new English male voice that uses advanced, patented Apple technologies to deliver natural breathing and intonation, even at fast speaking rates.

Improved Network Preferences Interface
Enjoy a simpler, more elegant view of your network preferences. Network status and configuration details are combined into a single, easy-to-understand view.

AppleTV like interface
Sit back and be amazed. Front Row works just like Apple TV.

Dashcode IDE
Quickly design, code, and deploy your Dashboard widget.

Automatic PC Key Remapping
When using Windows, use whatever keyboard you wish. Boot Camp automatically detects Apple keyboards and remaps PC key commands to appropriate keys.

UI Recording and Playback
Add even more capabilities to your workflows in Automator. Use a new action called Watch Me Do that lets you record a user action (like pressing a button or controlling an application without built-in Automator support) and replay as an action in a workflow.

Create Instruments with DTrace
Monitor system activity from high-level application behavior down to the operating system kernel, all thanks to the power of DTrace and the instrument builder.

Tagging Downloaded Applications
Protect yourself from potential threats. Any application downloaded to your Mac is tagged. Before it runs for the first time, the system asks for your consent — telling you when it was downloaded, what application was used to download it, and, if applicable, what URL it came from.

Enjoy a higher level of protection. Sandboxing prevents hackers from hijacking applications to run their own code by making sure applications only do what they’re intended to do. It restricts an application’s file access, network access, and ability to launch other applications. Many Leopard applications — such as Bonjour, Quick Look, and the Spotlight indexer — are sandboxed so hackers can’t exploit them.

Tabbed Windows
Keep multiple Terminal sessions. Rearrange your tabs with just a drag and drop. Combine all your open Terminal windows into a single window with multiple tabs. Save the configuration of all your open windows as a workspace. The location, window settings, and shell configurations of multiple windows can then be recalled instantly.

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